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Yoga Towel With Absorbent Spray Bottle

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  • Silicone Bottom: Proper traction is important for stability and safety when maintaining challenging poses. Silicone bottom design grips your mat and keeps you in place which makes your yoga practice more confident. Our yoga towels are also perfect for Hot Yoga and Pilates.
  • Stickyfiber Material: IUGA Yoga Towels are made from Stickyfiber. Our yoga mat towel acts as an ideal absorbent towel to wipe away perspiration and create an innovative waffle texture surface, so that you can stay focus on your mind, body and breath through the entire session.
  • Easy Care: IUGA Bikram Yoga Towels provide a grippy layer between you and your mat while giving you a extremely soft touch. The yoga towels can also be washed and dried easily by machine that will save your time on cleaning.
  • Multi-purpose: Our yoga mat towel with an Extra Size (183cm X 65cm) which is compact for convenient portability, packing and quick drying. It can be taken to anywhere such as the beach, gym or camping site. The microfiber threading will ensure a long lasting lifespan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome Yoga Towel!

I loved this towel so much that I bought a second one and another one in a different color! I didn't want to spend $50-60 for a fancy yoga towel, but I wanted to upgrade from the ones I bought at 5 below. This towel does the trick! I have no problems with slipping.

Worked so well, bought again .

Works great, no complaints. I haven't put it in the dryer yet, just air dry. It's perfect.

Heavy sweaters this is a great towel no slip

Used it today for the first time. I am a heavy sweater in a hot yoga, aerobic class.NO SLIP!! Used The towel on my tacky mat . Washing it for the first time today. So far works great.

Noreen Siddiqi
Great Yoga May Towel

I really love the color: it still moves a little , bit I think I need to wet it down more ? I’m very happy with this towel mat cover🙂

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