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Yoga Mat 24" Wide x 68" Long 70 Printed Poses for Beginner

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  • Non-Slip Yoga Mat: At 24 x 68, our large exercise yoga mat is great for both men and women, measuring 5mm thick providing the ideal amount of padding to allow for comfort and proper balance; the slightly tacky surface keeps hands and feet stable!
  • Illustrations: Our indoor or outdoor yoga mat has 70 graphics that clearly demonstrate each pose; crisp and clear illustrations take the guesswork out of popular poses and make self-guided sessions a breeze
  • Eco-Friendly: Your easy yoga mat is made with non-toxic and earth-friendly materials, made from a special type of PVC that's free of chemicals and BPA; no phthalates, with a light odor that quickly dissipates
  • Health & Wellness: Self-care is important. Stay in tune with your body with our instructional yoga mats, while perfecting your asanas at home or outside ... no trainer needed!
  • Gift: Know an aspiring yogi? This perfect starter yoga mat kit can set them on a path to better living and is ideal for beginners or even the most experienced yogis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
I got it for my friend’s bday.. she loved it

My friend really likes it… so many moves and stretches.

So encouraging

I am truly a beginner but this mat is a great fill in for an instructor because I will not be doing yoga in public😆

Know your yoga poses (asanas)

I’ve been doing yoga with a friend for almost a year now and we make up the names to the poses, like hurdlers pose or camel and donkey or cocoon. I wanted to get a mat that shows the poses the right way to do it and the name of it so we can be on track with other yoga people. It’s also a good yoga mat, one that has the added benefit of providing references and drawings for the poses you want.

Great, but wish it was thicker!

My only complaint is with the thickness or thinness to be more accurate. I have hardwood floors and this mat is very thin and will hurt knees whenever kneeling. I ended up buying another mat to put underneath. That being said; if you have carpeting rugs, or another mat lying around this is great, (especially for beginners like me) and I reccomend it. I only wish there were an option to purchase in a thicker material

Carolann Lussier
Very Instructive

So fun to learn from mat. Just copy the positions.