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Push Up Bars

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  • Powerful Upper Body- They are ideal for upper body muscle training, especially the chest muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles and back muscles. These can be easily used at home. Push up bars are perfect for both men and women. By training with the push up bars, your range of motion will be increased, and you will be able to target muscles more effectively.
  • Durable & Slip-Resistant - Strength Training Pushup Stands are made of high quality polypropylene, which is sturdy and strong enough to support any weight. Thickened steel tube chrome-plated ergonomically designed for better load bearing and corrosion protection, for superior safety, rubber feet will keep the pushup bar stable on all kinds of floor types without slipping.
  • Ergonomic Design Protects Wrist- The unique design of push up bars protect your wrists from injuries and reduces strain.
  • Portable & storage- Size:8.7'' long x 5.1'' wide x 4.1'' tall, Push-Up Stands Bars weight:1.16 lbs, Weight Capacity: 300 lbs, The push up bars are light weight, and can be easily assembled and disassembled. This makes it convenient and easy to store.
  • Our Promise- Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the push-up bars you have purchased. We offer a 100% money back if our product does not meet your expectations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Aaron Davis
Metal vs Plastic

Most of these style push up bars work the same. It really doesn't matter what brand of this style you get. it really comes down to how much you want to spend. I find these to be just fine. I am 6'2 and 245lbs. I do roughly 200-300 push ups everyday (rest Sunday). These make push ups much harder so don't expect to do the same amount your use to doing. Most people use a flat hand when they do pushups - these force you to make a fist.

Reasonable price

No assembly that I remember. I needed these to get back some arm strength that was lost after a serious wreck in 2017 in which I got bicep tendon surgery.

Cody M
Cheap looking but very sturdy

Was very hesitant at first since the quality seemed like they could easily break. After plenty of push-ups these things haven’t cracked or bent at all.

Mark Bray
These are great--completely sturdy and stable

I weigh 190 lbs. and when do pushups with these (which I do twice a week, every week) I'm wearing a 50 lb. weighted vest. Even with the vest they feel totally sturdy and I have absolutely no worries that they're going to crack or flip over or be in any way unstable. I would say don't worry at all about their strength or durability. I also love the fact that they're angled--I've been having some wrist issues and this takes a lot of stress off of my wrists. Overall, a great little workout tool and really worth the money.

David Acosta
Good and sturdy

Good quality. The rubber keeps it stable on the ground. Good portable accessory for pushups

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