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Balance Board - Green

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  • Play games on your smartphone by using your abs. The Stealth Fitness app is free and includes 4 games "Stealth Speed Gliding", "Color Chase", "Galaxy Adventure" and "Space Escape." It tracks your daily progress and includes a real-time worldwide leaderboard. Create and compete in challenges with friends and family. No Subscription Required. A premium game version is available with new games every month.
  • Get a strong core and a healthy back in under 3-minutes a day. We use your core strength to control the action on your mobile phone screen, making static exercises like the plank more engaging for your muscles and your brain.
  • Never do boring planks, or sit-ups, or crunches. This interactive core trainer makes core planking workouts fun and exciting by integrating mobile gaming. It features a proprietary design with a 360-degree full range of motion for superior dynamic planking.

Customer Reviews

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Great Invention. Love

This device is AWESOME. It really helps tighten your whole upper body and your abs. The key is to keep using it and to keep increasing the time. I love playing the games. It makes the time go by fast. I still haven't been able to do the full plank and I'm using it as a beginner on my knees but since it doesn't need electricity you can still use it if the power goes.

This is great! I love the app and how it makes ...

This is great! I love the app and how it makes me work harder! I love how my abs are sore after working out, a good sore!

Pricey, but I can see this working for me

Very painful, VERY painful for my stomach as a first-timer, LOL. This thing works and I feel the burn in my entire body, I guess they call it the "core." 5 Star for sure. And the free games are good, but I upgraded to the premium games, and it just rounds out the entire experience....good stuff here.


This product is what it advertises itself to be. It makes planking fun or least passes the time more quickly. It is a very tough workout and a very clever way to make exercising enjoyable.

New way of challenging your core

I bought the more powerful/sturdy stealth and don't regret it. It is solidly built. I have agree however, that the app gives you 2 free games, but shows you perhaps 6 or more that have to be unlocked, which I am guessing means MO MONEY! If they are going to show you more locked games than free games, they shouldn't be surprised when people get a little peeved.