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Vibrating Foam Roller - Orange - 4 Speeds

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  • The vibrating foam roller is cordless and rechargeable, with 4-vibration frequencies that are ideal for pain relief, relaxation, and recovery.
  • Patented multi-density grid surface channels blood and oxygen through muscles to increase circulation and accelerate muscle recovery.
  • Compact 3.5" diameter provides less surface area while rolling to deliver targeted relief to deep layers of tissue.
  • Use to prepare the body for peak performance, by relieving pain and tightness before physical activity.
  • Measures 12 x 3.5" and weighs 2.5 pounds. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 hours and an AC charger is included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works Perfectly for Lower Back Muscles

I ordered this vibrating massager for the chronic problems I have with my lower back. There is only so much that applying ice will relieve. Adding this vibrating roller to the ice therapy has really made a difference in lessening my pain, and, therefore, has given me a better quality of life. It comes with a 9V charger, and will hold a charge for some time, depending on which vibration speed/level you choose. (There is one limitation: you cannot use the roller while it is plugged in and charging.)The roller is just the right size, and it fits perfectly in the lumber region of my back. It is large enough to be effective, and small and versatile enough to target almost any area of the body. It has helped me tremendously, and I definitely recommend this product.

Incredibly intense vibration that loosens the tightest muscles

I've owned plenty of massagers of various types, since I have chronic neck and shoulder tension, but I've never experienced muscle pummeling like this roller delivers. It starts off pretty moderate, and as you click through the strengths, it turns into an explosive dynamo of violent vibration. That's a good thing, by the way. It can be hard to apply to my sore trapezius and neck, because it vibrates my head as well, but if I can manage to tolerate the teeth-rattling for a minute or two, it works wonders for the tightness. I've used it on other spots, particularly my feet, and it feels great. If you want a serious massage with a pleasantly textured, firm roller, this is highly recommended.


Excellent for pain relief.

This baby hits all the right places

You know how you work out and then a muscle you never knew you had starts aching and you can't reach it but it really needs some deep tissue work? When you can't get to a real massage therapist, this roller will do the trick. Its super powerful even on the lowest setting and the highest, wow! The best part is you can use your body weight to lean into the vibration to get deeper into shoulders and glutes. Feels wonderful on sore muscles! It's HEAVY, the foam is hard, not squishy. It's a little flexible but not much. The nubs are there to work into the muscles. Heaven the day after a too tough workout when I cry a little every time I try to sit down to pee. You know the kind of post workout muscle pain I mean. No damange, but tear down and rebuild. This is just right for that!


I like the vibration and how long the charge lasts.