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128oz Motivational Water Bottle

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  • 128oz, Leakproof, BPA Free
  • Inspirational Water Drinking Reminder: this water bottle comes with various motivational phrases, plus a time marker to encourage you to drink more water and keep a record of how much water you consume during the day.
  • You Can't Run Out Of Water With This Bottle: our 1-gallon motivational water bottle is large enough to keep you hydrated all day long without having to refill your bottle multiple times throughout the day.
  • Eco-Friendly And BPA Free Bottle: our reusable 128 Oz water bottle is made of non-toxic, BPA free materials to ensure that your water will have no odors, chemicals, or unpleasant plastic taste and help you reduce the single-use plastic bottles.
  • Lightweight And Portable: coming in a compact size with a built-in handle, this large bottle is super easy to hold and carry with you, from your home and office to the gym or other outdoor places and stay hydrated anytime, anywhere.
  • Elegant And Practical Design: available in 10 classy colors to choose your favorite, our leak proof bottle features a secure lock to prevent dust and leaking accidents, plus a net to filter fruits, ice cubes, and other solid ingredients.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Daughter loves this.

This was purchased for my daughter to help her track her water intake. Since using this jug, she has drank a gallon of water each day.

Its for me maybe not you

I love ombre effect on it. It drives me to drink my water! I tote everywhere. However it is intimidating at the begining and takes up a bit of counter space so if you're in a small desk this might not be for you.

H2O consumption made easy!

Day 2 - and it’s already paying for itself! I never drink enough water but I’m feeling super motivated with my new bottle. I love the phrases and time frames that help keep you on track throughout the day. Happy with my purchase.

Debbie S.
Great motivation

I’m enjoying this item, it keeps me motivated with measuring the liquid intake

It keeps track of gallon intake

I love love love this water bottle it definitely keeps me track for my gallon a day but I will say if not using it let it air out because all the moisture trapped in it with begin to smell really bad and with the opening behind pretty small it’s not really that easy to clean unless you have a dishwasher but overall I would definitely recommend this water bottle

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