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Jaw Exerciser for Men and Women

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  • 3 LEVELS JAW EXERCISER Start by using the BEGINNER Level 1 Exerciser (BLUE 40 lbs), then go to the INTERMEDIATE Level 2 (RED 50 lbs), and finish the training with the ADVANCED Level 3 (BLACK 60 lbs) resistance jaw trainer.
  • Food Grade Quality The jaw exerciser are made of food grade materials without any chemical fillers or by-products, so they are very safe to chew. It's made of the same material as a baby pacifier. It's elastic and not easy to deform. It is convenient to carry, hands-free exercise, and perfect for fitness and work.
  • Exercise Anytime, Anywhere: You can exercise your facial muscles while driving, watching movies, cooking, cleaning, gym exercise and walking the dog. Take action to create the most attractive facial muscles. Great gift!!
  • PERFECT JAWLINE SHAPE Say goodbye to double chins and loose facial muscles. Our exerciser promotes face tone firming & chin lift, chisel jawline shaping, and v line slimming by eliminating fat deposits around jaws and neck.
  • REUSABLE, DURABLE, HEALTHY: Want to create a more muscular, youthful appearance? Our jaw trainers are here to help you. We recommend starting with the lowest resistance, do several repetitions each day. Once you feel comfortable, change to the next resistance level, until reaching the strongest resistance. You will see results in just 30 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Regina Plaza
Definitely will make you sore!

Been using it for a bit and they are very strong and sturdy. I like the mouth positioning and it was a great deal as you got 3 for the price of one. It will make your jaw sore so don't overdue it the first week!

M. Gerdon
Good product

I was skeptical at first but this exerciser does do a good job. It also relieves ear pressure.

Seeing the difference!

Starting to see the difference. Very happy with the product

I can feel it in my jaw and face muscles.

I can feel it working right away. I am sure I will see a difference if I continue using it. I have not had it long enough to see a difference, but I definitely can feel it.

Eian Guftason
Well worth purchase

Easy to follow instructions, well made. Good price

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