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Fitness Journal Workout Book

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  • FITNESS JOURNAL OVERVIEW - Workout journal contains quick reference information page, goals&plans, progress tracker, calendar, results, routine workouts, my exercises, exercise tracking pages and note pages for note-taking, lists, goals etc, which help you manage your workout log efficiently and achieve your goals perfectly
  • 136 DAYS OF TRACKING - Track your exercise and workouts with 136 pages that provide enough space to record your goals, exercises, weight loss, etc. Suitable for 4.5-6 months workout log tracking
  • INCREASE SELF-EFFICACY - Fitness planner allows for exercises, dates, stretch, warm-up, cool-down, reps, sets, carido, intensity and calories, all to be charted in an easy to use format. It has enough space to record variety of different workouts, helps to monitor fitness progress and increase your self-efficacy
  • PREMIUM PAPER - Fitness planner with 100gsm smooth white paper for easy writing. Heavy-weight, acid-free paper that ink won't bleed through
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Sturdy and flexible cover to protect the inner pages well. Thick paper to reduce ink leakage, erase fraying and shade issues. Strong metal and lay-flat twin-wire binding. Plan, create and schedule your daily workout log with this gorgeous fitness planner

Customer Reviews

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Good journal

Good journal I just wish there were more blank pages for notes.


I never understood the point of using a fitness journal but I can now see that it has potential. You are able to write down all your measurements which allows you to see proof of your progress. There are lots of pages for keeping track of your fitness journey. I will note that there are plenty of free apps that you can pretty much do all the same things on. However if you need a physical book to keep on hand this is worth trying out.

Simple & perfect

Just what I needed. Simple & practical. Great quality for price.

Deborah Mansfield
Good planner and tracker for your exercise.

This is a great journal to plan and track your exercise and progress. There are the daily workout journal where you track your starting and ending weight, exercise routines including cardio. I write in blood pressure before and after and blood sugar as well. There is a progress tracker by week where you track your weight, BMI, and places to track 5 other measurements of your choice. I track blood pressure, blood sugar, resting heartrate and number of different times I exercised for at least 45 minutes that week. Just like you have to have disciple to consistently work out, you have to have discipline to keep up with the journal. But they can compliment each other: the planner helps you realize if you are working out consistently or letting time go by. Then the progress record can be motivation to keep going once you begin to see results. My goal is to get the blood sugar numbers down so I take myself out of the danger zone as well as lower my resting heart rate to the 70's.

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