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Vibrating Foam Roller - Red - 8 Speeds

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  • The 8-speeds roller gives you the best high-Intensity vibration for your sports massage therapy.
  • Choose from 8-intensity levels, start at the lowest intensity for the first few sessions until you get used to the unique sensation on your muscles, then work your way up. It will get rid of your knots in 15-minutes.
  • Focus on each muscle group at a time, approximately 2-3 minutes to jackhammer the knots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Leveling up foam rolling!

This roller is awesome! I am an avid lifter, runner, and foam roller. This one is by far the best one I have because of the added vibration. As a massage therapist I know the importance of using different "techniques" to help diffuse a muscular situation, so a regular roller didn't always "do the trick". The ability to adjust the vibration is great because sometimes you need something more intense than others. The display on one side is great as well as the handle on the other. It is slightly too big for plane travel, but will be a staple in my car travel.

Works great. Well made.

Very well made. Simple to use. Has very good vibration. I use for neuropathy in my feet and for a sore knee. Seems to help for both. Highly recommend"

Works great on sore muscles

My son is a football player and our daughter is a professional ballet dancer. They were both using just a regular foam roller so we decided to try this. They are both sore constantly after their sports and they take turns using this to roll out muscles and help with pain. They both say this works way better than the plain foam rollers they were both using.

Runs down easily on high speed vibrate

relaxes muscles fast

Strong vibration- not the real bouncy type though

Great for soothing massage. Its vibrate only, and not the super bouncy type.