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Back and Neck Massager with Adjustable Heat and Strap

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  • DEEP KNEADING SHIATSU STYLE MASSAGE WITH 8 STRONG SILENT ROTATING MASSAGE HEADS AND WARM FUNCTION - These features are beneficial in reducing muscle tightness, relieves tension and stress; Ideal gift for health enthusiasts, parents, young professionals or anyone who loves to enjoy a nice relaxing massage
  • ERGONOMIC U SHAPE AND COMPACT DESIGN - Great for alleviating tired and sore muscles, improves blood circulation and improves overall mood and health
  • NEW CONTEMPORARY DURABLE DESIGN - with adjustable arm straps to snugly fit any arm length or reach; enjoy 3 different massage speed and Heat activated function; You can easily adjust the speed, the direction or even increase the length of neck overhang to enhance your massage experience.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN - It comes with a safety 15 min auto shut down feature so no need to monitor each session; It is made of highly sturdy PU leather and mesh fabric for easy maintenance and cleaning. A washable dustproof cover is included.
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL AND PORTABLE - It comes with a AC adapter (perfect for home or office use) and a car adapter so you can also use it when you are in your car.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Price
If you don’t have a masseuse on staff... this is the next best thing!

I have had neck and back problems since before I was born, or at least for as long as I can remember. I should probably make sure “great at neck and shoulder massages” is at the top of my boyfriend wish list. But until that magical day- this is the greatest shoulder massager I have ever purchased. You know that feeling when you’re trying to get the knot in your shoulder, but in order to reach the spot you have to contort into some weird position to reach it... and then, because you’re ancient, which is why you’re buying a massager in the first place, you throw your back out in a second location? I feel ya. This massager though? You can put it on your neck(or back, or calf or wherever) and put your hands in the loops to apply as much (or as little) pressure as you need. It’s like heaven... but better. Unless heaven has angel masseuses that follow you around all day... wow. I should be a god. My heaven would be awesome. Anyway. Buy this. Thank me later. It’s cool. I’ll see you in heaven.

Sharon McKingsley
Use it in the car!

Absolutely love this so much! I have horrible neck and back problems and I go to a massage therapist usually weekly but there are some weeks I miss. I needed something to help me in between visits and this works perfect. I am a little sore from using it yesterday bc it does get deep into the muscles. Very pleased with it. Also, a plus that you can use it in the car on long trips.

Mama G
So Helpful to Reliever Neck and Back Pain

I ordered a few massagers and found this one to work the best for me. I am able to move it around to the exact location I need it and with the hand held straps I can apply as much or as little amount of pressure that is needed. I'm under a lot of stress right now and carry it all in my neck and shoulders causing pain. I have been using it each night and it has really helped immensely. I also ordered one for my mother who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it has helped with relief of some of the back pain she has been experiencing.

Debra Johan
Great affordability and effectiveness.

Extremely effective at massaging the muscles and the flexibility to use on other muscles is huge plus. Heating feature is great and the variety of intensity options is perfect for targeting different levels of soreness. If I had to provide any constructive criticism, I wish it was more clear what the polyester sleeve was for and the adjustable arm straps can fall out from the slots a little too easily. I would recommend purchasing for anyone looking for an affordable and compact massaging device.

Vicki P
love it

although i have only had this a week or so i am in heaven. I have a friend who had something similar to this that he bought years ago and paid a fortune for it. this seems to work just like his high dollar one and relaxes the muscles in my neck and the heat just helps the pain melt away. highly recommend. i am excited to try on different parts of my body like lower back and my knees. i never thought to do it on those. getting ready to go on a mission working trip so i am taking it with me for every evening cause i know i will be sore and hurting. i know it will do the trick for me

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