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Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

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  • PAIN REDUCTION - Naturally reduce muscle tension, and back pain by simply laying on the mat daily for 10-30 minutes. Acupressure releases endorphins that block pain, and helps relax the muscles in your back, neck and feet
  • FULL SUPPORT - The cushioned foam mat is large enough to fit your full back, and unlike many mats that only cover your back, this set includes a pillow covered in acupressure points for neck support and more holistic pain relief
  • RELAXATION & STRESS RELIEF - Lay back and relax onto this "bed of needles" to massage pressure points that help release tight muscles and relieve stress. Use prior to bedtime to improve your sleep
  • INCREASED ENERGY & CIRCULATION - Thousands of acupressure points stimulate nerves and improve blood circulation for increased energy and faster muscle recovery, making it great for users who sit at a desk daily, as well as active individuals and athletes
  • Made out of 100% high quality thick cotton and plant-based eco foam, the acupressure mat has 6, 210 acupressure points; neck pillow has 1, 782 acupressure points

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
It works

I always have a lot of muscle tension in my neck and upper back. After laying on the pillow and mat for 20 minutes, it feels better and cheaper than a massage! The first time I used it, I couldn’t lay comfortably on the pillow for more than a couple of minutes; I had to keep shifting my head. But then, after that, the next time I used it, It took me a little while again to be able to lay on it. With consistent use, I don’t notice it anymore. I let my parents try it when they were visiting and they ended up buying one each!

Painfully Awesome

I've been using this on and off for two weeks and my lower back pain has gotten so much better. It def hurts for the first few minutes, but I do a meditation and breath through the pain and then it becomes normal/easy/comfortable... getting up is the worst part. Great purchase!

Worked wonders for me

I have spent months looking for a non-pharmaceutical method of pain relief that actually works. This mat+pillow gave me noticeable relief from some excruciating and immobilizing shoulder pain. 20 mins on this mat and the range of motion in my arm is improved exponentially.

Frank in Colorado
I was surprised it wasn't more uncomfortable

It looked like a bed of nails so I wore a thin T-shirt the first time I used it. The 2nd time with nothing on my back. I am over 65, very thin, and quite sensitive to pain, but I have found it quite relaxing now that I'm not so scared. Yes, it does feels a little itchy after awhile but not terribly so. I haven't had any severe muscle spasms lately so I can't say what that would be like, but the concept is like "dry needling" I have had at the chiropractic clinic, and that was miraculous. Happy I made the purchase. Anything which increases peripheral blood circulation helps.

Leonid Tverskoy
Relaxing and healing

We tried this mat at friends and immediately new we need it. It in fact helps relax the back and neck pain. To make long story short, works exactly as described. One personal remark: the pillow can be used not only for neck but for the lower back as well.

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