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Ab Wheel Roller with Training App

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  • Get your ideal body shape at home! Perfect addition to your home gym
  • DESIGNED: perfect training equipment for beginners and intermediate- level users, sturdy and solid fitness equipment with 4 wheels
  • REBOUND SYSTEM: provides resistance & support in both directions
  • MULTIPLE TRAINING ROUTINES: wide varieties of moves for squat, crunches, and other abs workout. Allows you to target different areas of your abs
  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE APP: ONLINE User Manual + Fitness Guide for free!. We also combine push-up exercises with fun games in the Slide Fit APP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charles Clark

Wonder Core has struck gold. Outstanding! Simply the best AB machine I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Extremely challenging exercises are so inspiring, I can’t wait for my next training session. Performs exactly as advertised.

Adriana Elisa
Amazong workout tool

I use this with some dip bars to recreate the Lagree microformer. It’s a great substitute - the resistance is similar to the springs on a megaformer. Abs, legs, everything it’s great!

Mohit Garg
Good quality, delivers what it advertises.

I have been using ab-rollers for over 10years. As these product wear and tear eventually, it is impossible to get the same product again. That forces me trying a new product all over again, I was frustrated with cheap quality products I tried recently. I am very impressed with this product, absolutely no complaints. It is worth for your money,

Good product overall

Quarantine got me with a beer belly two months in and I decided it was finally time to call it to a stop. I decided to buy this to work out my abs, since usually exercise isn’t as fun without a workout tool. (Also because I hate planks the most, but that’s a personal issue.) It’s honestly not bad, The only issue I really had with it was that the first time I did it, it was without a yoga mat and I fell on my face. I’m not sure if that is supposed to happen, or if I’m too fat, but because of that, I’m giving this product one less star. Still a good product overall.

great piece of equipment for ab work

I have been looking for a picee of equipment that could mirror the effectiveness of a Megaformer ab workout. This does it! Quailty machine, no setup, easy to use right out of the box. Now i can do all of the plank to pikes i want at home! Highly recommend!

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