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4-in-1 Balance Trainer

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  • TIP: Please use the board on the mat (included in the packaging) so the base will not slip on the floor.
  • DESIGN CONCEPT -- The balance board is designed to turns static (non-moving) exercises into dynamic (moving) exercises and engages more muscles and leads to faster gains. With comfort and performance in mind. The top surface is gentle on arms and bare feet and offers plenty of traction to make sure you stay safely and comfortably in place while rocking back and forth.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE POSITIONS -- The plank board features different grip options. The ergonomic handle design allows for proper wrist position while training exercises. This prevents wrist strain and wrist-related fatigue and injury. Different grip positions target an expansive range of musculature. The board works for men and women at all levels or workout routines.
  • 4 BALANCE MODULES -- 3 different bases are included, allows you to quickly adjust difficulty and type of motion. All bases strengthen core muscle groups, improve stability, reflexes, recovery speed, and of course, balance. Suitable for exercises like push-ups, plank, balance pose and so on. Perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes or general fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a way to improve their coordination and balance
  • TRAIN ALL MUSCLES -- With the full body trainer, you train all important muscle groups, arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs simultaneously and with high efficiency using the plank workouts, improve balance capacity and responsiveness effectively, enhance sensitivity and harmony, also can do physical therapy fitness training and skill training.
  • FIT IN A FEW MINUTES A DAY -- Adding a balance board routine doesn't need to require you to set time aside from your busy schedule or plan out a fitness routine, it can easily be incorporated into your existing daily schedule. Whether you plan to add balance training to your exercise regimen, rehabilitation program, or daily work routine, adding stability/balance training can have numerous benefits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good product for a fair price

I like it ! Easy to assembly and easy to use. You can either use for abs or as balance board.

Amber Lompe-Johnson
An amazing work out

Bought for my clients at work. Love the interchangeable bases and moveable handles. Gives you a heck of a workout. Definitely well made and able to withstand some work.

Ned O. Becker
Well made

To me, this product is worth the money.

Harley Wyldekat
I like

I've thoroughly enjoyed this. It doe exactly what it claims and is a much cheaper alternative to the competitors.


Even though I have not found out all benefits of balance board. My kids use it to do sit-up game and they are very happy with it

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