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2-in-1 Back Stretcher Combo

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  • Made with premium quality heavy duty ABS material that can handle over 300 lbs of body weight.
  • 5 minutes of using our stretcher daily in the comfort of your home or office will help relieve sciatica pain, correct and improve your posture and lumber support, and treat pain from muscle spasms and tight knots.
  • 2 types of strong back planes for the price of one. The gentle magnetic stones gently relax and stretch the lower back and unwind your back tension after a long day of work. The acupuncturing spiky board stimulating your muscles after a sitting in front of a computer all day, and help correct your posture and spinal imbalance.
  • 3 colors of soft central foam strips, you can pick a different color each time. Or use one till it is worn out and replace it with new color.
  • Can be used on a chair, or in a car for lumbar support, or used on a yoga mat after workout or after a long day of work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
100% satisfied. No disappointment.

Arrived earlier then I anticipated the packaging was intact no damages. Overall very satisfied from the beginning of browsing to the end of my purchase.

B. Richardson
It'll do

The plastic pieces are so hard to snap into place I had to have my husband do it for me. The one I bought, before this one, was very similar and snapped together easier. It did help relieve some of my siatic nerve pressure and pain instantly from my neck and back. I've been using it every other day for 20 minutes. Really helps me in the morning when my body is stiff and I need to get going, this relaxes my spine and after I few minutes my body is more relaxed. The magnet part didn't really help as well as the acupuncture one, and the bumps of the acupuncture were not painful but actually felt like a massage. I would buy again, plus I love the color options.

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