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12 Inch Yoga Ring Pilates Ring

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  • Body Toning & Shaping - The magic circle pilates ring yoga ring works to build strength and tone your inner and outer thighs, and hips while doubling as an effective arm workout device. Thigh master engages your lower body to help build muscle mass and raise metabolism, exercise ring in turn helps burn more calories so you can lose fat.
  • Versatility Fitness Tool - There are so many ways to use you can pilates ring yoga ring.  Improve flexibility, balance, inner thigh toner, and strength. Ideal for all types of Pilates exercise and barre workouts. Also good for physical therapy aids or rehab from surgery, especially stretching knees and hamstrings.
  • Lightweight & Portable - 12 inches, a perfect size.  Portable and does not take up much space.  You can easily tuck into a suitcase for workouts on the road as well. 
  • Easy to Use- The Upgraded Grip Handles will never come off and are slip-resistant and easy to grasp. We've included a FREE exercise guide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa G
This is ingenious!

I use this for foot tension relief and stretching my in-step. I have very high arches and this is the best. So versatile you can do what works for you. I put my foot against the purple handle and my hand on the other. Targets anything you need it to. Just be gentle and steady. My arms, shoulders, leg muscles, and feet feel awesome after a long day.


Needed a new ring and this one is definitely more durable than my last. It really is a good workout segment

Helps with my back

My PT recommended this for my stability issues. Using this helped ease my emotions and inspired me to participate in my health.

Candi Okada
Firm pilates ring

I bought this ring to use to strengthen my inner thighs and arms/upper chest. Since the ring is only 12", it is very firm and the purple plastic isn't very soft and it hurts my legs to use it. I grip the handles to exercise my arms and chest muscles and that is okay. Maybe I'm a weakling but this ring is a little too firm for me. I'm going to use it for back stretches and other things so I decided to keep it for my exercise routine.

M Kairey
smaller, easier to use

Easy size to use while working at computer watching tv

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