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Reflective Backpack Vest

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  • Slim minimalist backpack fits comfortably over your shoulders and rests on shoulder blades. Say goodbye to thick, bulky packs that restrict your movement, slow you down, and are heavy. This is super slim at just 0.2" in thickness. Extra lightweight to give you the storage and carry capacity you need without the heavy weight!
  • Bounce free for greater comfort and perfect fit. Fully protects your electronics and eliminates the annoying bouncing that plagues most other small backpacks. You will enjoy the smart design, the exceptional style, and the high quality materials and construction. This backpack will look good and serve well for years of convenience and improved safety!
  • Highly reflective for improved road safety. Lets motorists see you in low light and darkness. This is essential for running, hiking, biking, and walking. Can be seen in all directions- 360 degrees with a bright reflection that won't be missed. Don't go out on the road, sidewalk, hiking or biking path without this. Perfect for men, women, and kids ages 9 and up!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Wonderful purchase!

I use this vest for my outdoor runs and workouts. It is very comfortable and practical to store items when you are exercising.

Tiffany Smith
Love it!

Barely felt it on my back. Lightweight and very comfortable

Very useful and comfortable

The product meets the expectations. Very good!


This holds my iPhone, inhaler and EpiPen, keys and wallet while I’m cycling/walking. The negative is the straps under my arms can be a little uncomfortable. I had to do a lot of adjusting to make it comfortable. It doesn’t breathe much so my back was sweaty but that’s alright, I’m exercising anyway. It’s lightweight and very reflective at night. Easy for cars to see me. I do wish it had a place foe a water bottle but I can clip one on there for walking.

Kenneth B. Lewis
The security of knowing wallet and keys are safe during workout.

Used during bike rides to carry wallet, phone, co2 canisters and wheel changing levers. Nice to know all are safe and can be easily reached.

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