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Vibrating Foam Roller - Black - 5 Speeds

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  • ROLL OUT BETTER THAN EVER:  Warm-up and recover like never before with the next-generation foam roller with vibration. The powerful pulses reverberate through tight and sore muscles, thwarting tension and soreness.
  • INCREDIBLE ENGINE: Vigorous workouts require vigorous rehabilitation. This electric roller delivers intense vibrations with its unmatched vibration engine. Capable of up to 3600 RPM to take you from rigid to relaxed in no time.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR TREATMENT:  Restore muscles and maximize performance with the only vibration foam roller with 4-intensity settings and 1-pulsating setting. Each setting relaxes and repairs, sending vibrations deep into your muscles with every pulse.
  • RELAX, ITS RECHARGEABLE: This roller is battery rechargeable and lasts for over 4-hours. It also includes a USB cable.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Foam Roller! Nicely Cushioned, Yet Supportive!

The VIBRA Form Roller has been awesome addition to my workout regimen. I've used foam rollers before but this is the first time I've had one with a motor and it's been amazing, like getting a personal massage whenever you want. The vibrations feel great when I'm trying to roll or stretch out some muscles. Different vibration strengths/settings allow you to customize your recovery massage sesh. I also love the padding on the outside of the roller. I've tried other brands that utilized a pattern to try to target pressure points while rolling, but they never seemed to get it right by either being too pointy and/or stiff for my liking. The hexagon design on the VIBRA roller is uniform throughout and feels great anywhere on the body. The padding is soft, but the internal cylinder is supportive so it's an extremely nice balance whenever I'm massaging out my legs or back. Last things to note are that it comes with a handy carrying case and it's easily rechargeable. Thankfully it has a universal micro USB port so even if you lose the cable that comes with it, chances are you'll have another one lying around the house from a multitude of rechargeable devices. Overall I highly recommend this product!

Knowledge is key for road to improvement

Last week I started shopping online for a foam roller for the sole purpose of placing under my lower back for traction and stretching. I had no idea there were multiple purposes on various areas of the body (before and/or after a workout). I I've learned a great deal from your free videos with the purchase of my VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller. I absolutely love the design and high quality of my roller. I'm glad I made the right choice in rollers on my first go-around.I received my VIBRA yesterday in the mail and charged it up. I worked on my IT bands and my full back. The relief from stiffness and discomfort was amazing and my back wasn't hurting this morning when I got up.I was most grateful for the video on improving posture. I badly needed the information.I'm a court reporter and my shoulders are always pulled forward all day typing on my shorthand machine; and then at night and on the weekends I'm on the computer typing up court transcripts; and I endure prolonged periods of time in a seated position. (I'm 58 years old today and have been in this career since age 35). No wonder my chiropractor and massage therapist are always digging into my lats, pecs, and IT bands! Now that I have my foam roller, I can do maintenance in between.My boss (the judge of the court) does30-day exercise challenges with me. Right now she's training for a half-marathon and does not own a foam roller. I would like to bless her with your free, high density, regular foam roller �I know this was more than a couple of sentences, but I really wanted to express my full appreciation of your product. It's life changing!

The Epitome Fitness Vibra Vibrating Foam Roller

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This roller is very impressive! I’ll qualify by saying I don’t have a bunch of vibrating roller experience, but I can’t imagine much room for improvement here.Out of the box, the unit is charged and ready to go. Comes with its own “case” if you will, that can actually be used back pack style. For travelling to the gym I suppose. Nice touch.The unit itself is just under 13 inches long, and standard roller diameter (approximately 5 inches). The material is a dense foam rubber type material. It’s sturdy, but with some give. It’s a comfortable material.This roller comes with 5 speed settings, but is actually 4 “speeds”. The fifth option runs through each speed for about 3 seconds; from the lowest to highest speed in order. The vibration on the roller is great too. It’s a serious, deep vibration you feel. Not some weak, wish you had more power vibration. Great for stiff muscles or working out stubborn trigger points.I was skeptical of the 4 hour charge time they boasted, so I tested that too. I was pleasantly surprised to get 4:10. The unit did stop at 3: 55 at the highest setting, but I tried lowering to the lowest setting and pulled another 15 minutes out of it. After that, I was able to plug it into my laptop with the supplied micro usb cable and get back to full charge in less than an hour.Overall this roller is a great buy in my opinion. Sturdy build, great feel, long battery life. If I had one ask it would be for a longer unit, (maybe 18 inches) but the performance of this roller far exceeded my expectations. Great buy!

Great Product

The Vibra Vibrating Foam Roller is a 1 of a kind tool that i find very useful in my athletic life working out at a cross fit gym. At the beginning of each day i use the vibrating roller to work out any knots or kinks i have in my back from sleeping which allows me to start my day off great. After each workout i use the vibrating roller to loosen my muscles from an strenuous workout routine i am accustomed to. Being able to work out my sore muscles with this devise has been a life saver for me. The only thing i would suggest as an upgrade would be if the roller had thicker and softer padding on it. The Bumpy texture is great for working out deep muscle knots however because they bumps are rather hard it can also make you sore if you do not use it properly. Overall product is great. Just dont rush when you are using it and you will have a fantastic experience.

Amazing product

Wonder product!!! I just received my vibra vibrating foam roller. I was looking for a product that was more affordable than other vibrating muscle devices out there and came across this product. What I found is this product has much more to offer in the way of adjustable speeds and power than the other products out there, not to mention at a much lower price. Couldn't be any more satisfied