Balance Board Reviews: The 5 Best Balance Boards for Home Workout

Balance Board Reviews: The 5 Best Balance Boards for Home Workout

We don't always feel it in our day to day life, but proper balance is crucial in every situation. Even simple tasks,  like walking or tying your shoelaces need good balance ability. Balance training may help you strengthen your muscles, increase your mobility, stimulate various portions of your body, and even lower your risk of injury while training. 

Some yoga poses are there to help you improve your balance, such as standing on one leg. However, a balancing board is an excellent tool to use for body stabilization. Balance boards are great since they are low-impact and can be a lot of fun. You'll suddenly become a small child. Many physical therapists also use balancing boards to help accident patients. 

In this blog post, I'll review the most all-encompassing balancing boards out there. I've put together this list of the top 5 balancing boards on the market, each best with their own style and in their own price range. Here's all you need to know about getting the greatest balance board for your money.

Balance Board Workout Benefits 

Before you buy a balancing board, it's important to know how it can benefit you in your day to day life. Balance boards don't seem that helpful at first. But there's a reason they're becoming more popular in functional training nowadays. These boards are excellent core strengtheners and mental-muscle connection builders for both amateur and professionals. Take a look at the benefits of exercise with a balance board. 

1. A balance board forces your muscles to stabilize.

You won't be able to stand on your balancing board for long unless you regularly stabilize your muscles, particularly your core. Your lumbopelvic region has to work hard to keep you upright when you use a balancing board. That helps you stabilize your muscles with regular practice. 

2. Low-impact movements activate different parts of your body.

You must use muscles throughout your body to utilize a balancing board because of the low-impact motions necessary. Low-impact exercises are suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages.

3. A balance board make you more aware of your body.

Using a balancing board may help you improve your proprioception (the awareness of where your body is in). Proprioceptors are sensory receptors found in muscles and joint capsules that inform your brain where each portion of your body is located. The brain may direct the muscles in your body to tighten, lengthen, or stabilize the region.

4. Balance boards help you correct your posture. 

Poor posture is everywhere nowadays. Balance board exercises may help with a lot of postural difficulties. Working out on a balancing board, as I previously said, may help you strengthen your core. Stronger core muscles will aid in stabilization and posture improvement. Good form will also improve your posture by strengthening the muscles that keep you in that position.

5. It'll be a blast...I swear!

It's something we hear all the time: you go on a board and after five minutes...ten minutes... You're having so much fun that you don't even notice you're getting good exercise after 20 minutes. Even if you've just been standing on the board for a few minutes, you may feel it, particularly for novices.

Our 5 Best Balance Board 

#1 Stealth Core Trainer – Fitness Balance Board – Yellow 

We all know how PLANK is one of the most effective exercises out there, and this gadget makes your planks so much fun! This Stealth Core Trainer is exercise equipment that functions similarly to a balancing platform found in physical therapy practice. Here, you can put your phone to connect to a game-based app, and it's just for planking (and absolutely not standing on).

To use it, position yourself on the foam cushions with your forearms resting on top and your face hovering over the phone screen. This provides you with a clear perspective of Stealth's games, which vary in style and goal—from blowing up planets in outer space to flying through a forest while avoiding bird collisions—but all entail twisting, turning, and balancing to exercise core muscles.

#2 EveryMile Wobble Balance Board – Red & Black 

According to fitness experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute's Wellness Lab, this balancing board is helpful for core exercises and pushups. It's robust and stows up nicely in your closet, making it the ideal addition to any home gym. It also offers 360-degree rotation, which allows you to target various angles of your core.

This EveryMile wobbling board will make your meditation, yoga, and pushups more fun. The 15-inch-long board with a 15-degree tilt will provide a less intense exercise than other wobble boards. The anti-tear, non-skid surface is meant to keep you secure at all angles. It is also lightweight and portable, with two handles integrated right into the board. It can support up to 300 pounds. Overall, this can be a good all-around option. 

#3 Yes4All Wobble Balance Board – Red 

The smaller 16.34-inch diameter of this low-rise balancing board is ideal for beginners since it provides less space to wobble at a less steep inclination than the other boards. It also offers a nonslip grip to keep your feet from sliding about. The anti-slip bottom of the Yes4All Premium Stability Board prevents you from sliding or falling out of the board. 

You can stand on the board barefoot with ease, but footwear with anti-slip soles will provide even more traction. Use it to stretch your legs or balance them while doing your regular exercises to transform your workouts into dynamic, total-body killers. This balance board adds new challenges to your workouts and improve your stability, functioning, and appearance. 

#4 Revolution Swell 2.0 – Surf & Paddle Balance Board Trainer

This Surf & Paddle Balance Board Trainer is designed for both experienced water sports enthusiasts and those who are just getting started. It improves balance and coordination, which translates to substantial benefits on the water. Surfers, paddleboarders, wakeboarders, kiteboarders, wakeboarders, and long-boarders all enjoy using this board to improve their abilities and train during the off-season.

Also, everyone will know you have the trendiest and most exciting living room in town if you have this piece. Don't worry if you're not a natural at watersports; this board will help you start slowly and gradually improve your balance and board proficiency.

#5 Revolution Balance Boards Wobble Cushion & Rocker Combo – Black 

This is not exactly a balance board in itself. It's more of accessories for balance boards. However,  I couldn't resist adding it to this list. The Revolution wobbling cushion and rocker combination package gives your balance board greater versatility. The rocker is comprised of high-density foam, which is both lightweight and sturdy.

Revolution Swell 2.0 – Surf & Paddle Balance Board Trainer - Socal Health

The rocker and cushion make a more solid but difficult platform for exercise, sports training, physical treatment, and utilizing your balancing board at a standing desk as compared to a roller. It works with all other flat-base balance board. Overall, I think this will be an excellent accessory for your regular balance board exercises.  

In Summary

Everything we've recommended in this blog post has its own pros and cons. But,  whichever you buy from these top picks, you can be confident that training your balance is a terrific method to burn calories and improve your general physical aptitude. It will increase your athletic abilities while lowering your risk of injury. You won't regret including balance board exercises in your workout routine!

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