Become The Strongest with These 5 Effective Full-Body Workouts

Become The Strongest with These 5 Effective Full-Body Workouts

In my experience, everyone who is interested in fitness looks for that one full-body exercise that does it all. Everyone wants maximum profit with the minimum amount of time and effort. The good news is that you can do just that with only a few home gym equipment pieces and an aqua fitness training bag. You just have to put a little more heart into your exercise routine than you thought you needed to. 

In this blog post, I'll tell you about five full-body exercises that'll tone your whole body. None of these exercises will specifically target the abs, arms, back, or legs. I know you don't have the time for those 3 days/week two-hour gym sessions to train different body muscles. If you just want a six-pack, purchase one of our best ab rollers and start training your core. If you want to gain strength by training your whole body at home or anywhere, keep reading!

What Do You Need? 

You can do all of these five exercises that we're going to suggest with the gym bar. However, if the notion of keeping an Olympic bar in your shed is too much for you, you can perform all of these 5 exercises with the best barbell and most of them with the finest dumbbells. They'll work together everywhere. 

While machines can be useful for focusing on specific muscle groups, the best way to effectively build muscle and lose fat is to perform compound exercises with free weights, such as dumbbells (the small ones that you can easily buy and use at home) or barbells (the big ones) – though the deadlift is best performed with a barbell.

The Big Five complex exercises work a variety of muscles. They are a great method to gain strength and muscular growth all at once. Actually, most of them are quite simple, and you probably know about them already! Here, we'll go through the Big Five basic workouts you should practice right now to become ripped. You can also combine them; however, you think it fits your routine. 

The 5 Best Full Body Workout 

#1 The Deadlift 

The deadlift is the mother of all kinds of strength training.  This exercise engages practically every muscle of your body! If you do it properly, you'll feel the burn after just a few repetitions. However, I recommend doing 3 sets of 6-8 reps for the best result. 

How to do: 
  • Squat down and hold a barbell shoulder-width apart in your hands.
  • As you raise the bar, keep your chest up, shoulders back, and your gaze straight ahead.
  • Concentrate on returning the weight to your heels and keeping the bar as near to your body as feasible at all times.
  • Lift to thigh level, stop, and then return to the starting position under control.

Expert tip: To prevent your forearms from wearing out before your legs, alternate your grip between overhand, underhand, and hook (one over, one under).

Deadlifts are excellent for strengthening your hamstrings and glutes. Not only that, but your core and lower back will be stronger as well. A strong lower back can help you avoid back issues in the future. As you must hold on to the bar while raising it, it builds grip strength. If you don't like barbells, you can also use Tricloud Aqua Bag - Full Body Workout Equipment instead. 

Caution: Keep your back in a neutral position when deadlifting; otherwise, you'll injure yourself.

#2 The Burpee

Please don't hate me for this! I know; no one likes burpees, but we can't ignore the advantages this single exercise provides. Burpees works on different muscle groups at once. Also, you'll be training in the anaerobic zone while improving your cardiovascular fitness.

How to do: 
  • Drop into a squat from a standing posture.
  • Move into a plank stance instead of springing back up.
  • Return to a standing posture after completing a pushup.
  • Rep as many times as you can, then take a rest before repeating the set.

Expert tip: When kicking your feet back, keep your core tight to prevent drooping hips.

Burpees are an excellent finisher exercise, meaning that once you've completed all of your strength or endurance training, finishing with a fast round of burpees is a wonderful way to polish out a full-body workout. If you don't want to perform the whole burpee, there's always the half burpee option! 

#3 The Squat 

You probably saw this coming. The squat is quite popular for a reason. It's a flexible, practical, compound exercise that provides a slew of advantages. The squat can and should be done by everyone since it targets the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core muscles.

How to do: 
  • Crouch down into a squatting posture, 
  • Then raise back up, starting from a standing posture.
  • Repeat as many times as possible, then take a rest before repeating the set.

The most critical aspect of the squat to remember is form. You won't be hitting all of the proper muscle groups if your form isn't correct. On the way up and down, concentrate on activating the muscles in your bottom and legs. Make sure your knees aren't bearing all the weight. You can put weight on your shoulder or a JoyPlus Adjustable Aqua Training Bag Cylinder for better results. 

JoyPlus Adjustable Aqua Training Bag Cylinder - Socal Health

Squats may be modified in a variety of ways to target various muscle groups. Sumo squats, single-leg squats, squat leaps, pulsing squats, and barbell squats all provide variety to your workout and improve your outcomes.

#4 The Pushup 

While pushups are  easy for some people, others can't even do 5 in the proper form. Even if you find it easy, try to incorporate a variant of it into your daily routine. Because pushups are a very effective upper-body complex exercise. It's most recognized for exercising the chest muscles, but it's capable of so much more.

How to do: 
  • Place your palms on the floor, arms outstretched, beneath your shoulders.
  • Extend the legs back, resting on the balls of the feet, making a straight line with the torso.
  • Lower your body to the point where your chest or nose is ready to contact the ground.
  • Raise yourself back up.
  • Repeat.

Pushups are also good for the deltoids, triceps, and biceps. It also activates the core from the abdominals in the stomach to the erector spinae in the back. Another advantage of the pushup is its adaptability. Beginners may employ easier variants, while expert exercisers may employ more demanding ones. 

You can also add weight or a Moon Shape Aqua Fitness Training Bag on your back to make standard pushups more challenging. Go online, try experimenting with different pushups, and let me know which ones you find hardest. 

#5 The Plank

Another simple exercise! The plank is an isometric exercise that helps you strengthen your core and improve your posture. You may strengthen your rectus abdominis and your obliques depending on whatever form of plank you do. 

How to do: 
  • Begin by doing a press-up.
  • Bend your elbows until your forearms are on the floor underneath your shoulders, aligning your body from your feet to your head in a straight line.
  • Maintain a neutral spine posture by keeping your abs firm and looking at the space between your hands.
  • Maintain the posture for as long as possible.

High plank (arms straight), low plank (on your elbows), front plank, and side plank are all plank variants. Regardless of the form of plank you execute, you must maintain your body straight and your core engaged for the length of the hold for the exercise to be successful. So, challenge yourself with different forms of plank and strengthen your core like never before! 

Things To Keep In Mind

Things don't always go as we want, does it? Sometimes, after an intensive workout session, you may experience muscle aches. You should take a day off to enable your muscles to heal whenever you overtrain! Also, don't forget to  have a good night's sleep to heal faster and get the best result. 

If you're a beginner, start slowly and gently. Don't push too far, too quickly. Start with one set of all of these five exercises. Then, gradually increase your reps, sets, and weight. Also, don't forget to warm up (running, cycling, skipping, or swimming) before any workout session. This will aid in the prevention of injuries.

Wrapping Up…

Different workouts target a different part of your body. 

Try these five exercises, as well as combine them with aerobic activity. It'll help you to remain fit and healthy besides building lean muscles. 

Best of luck!!

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