Ab Rollers: Top Benefits & Our Recommendations

Ab Rollers: Top Benefits & Our Recommendations

Mastering the art of using an ab roller machine isn’t a piece of cake. But with patience and practice, you can master the right way of doing so. While crunches can give you six-pack abs, they can’t target all the lean muscles of your abdomen, unfortunately. Therefore, ab rollers come into play. You may judge the simple ball because it looks comical but don’t judge a book by its cover! This uniquely funny-looking ab roller can beat your crunches and strengthen your spine anytime if done correctly! Another great thing about these rollers is that they are so much more affordable than your regular ab machine.

But wait! There are other reasons why people like using ab rollers sets. Don’t believe us? Here are some benefits brought to you by doctors of physical therapy. 

Tones more than a dozen muscles

The rollers strengthen not only your ab muscles but also tone more than 20 muscles. Do your crunches tone 20 muscles at the same time? The short answer is no! Maybe a couple of muscles but not 20 for sure! While crunches work your rectus abdomen and obliques, ab rollers tone muscles like the lateral, pecs, rectus abdomens, obliques, trans abs, deltoids, iliopsoas, etc.

Better than crunches

As we have talked about earlier how ab rollers give the most of your abs than the traditional crunches. Your rectus abdominis and transverse abs are hard to achieve than most of the other muscles. And only crunches can’t do much; you need to exert more on those muscles, so you need stronger exercises. The ab roller works through in and out motions, and this is a great movement to tone the lower abdomen. The angle and speed depend on how much work you are going to put on the muscles. The ab roller takes the crown for efficiency as well!

Better posture and balance

Do you know that ab rollers can improve your posture as well? Yup, you’ve heard it right! Incorporating an ab roller in your core exercises not only flattens your tummy but also makes your spine and hip bones stronger. This helps to improve your posture and balance. Be careful enough not to take ab roller to an awkward position, or you may get your back injured.

Another thing is don’t expect to improve your posture after using ab rollers only one day! This takes time, so dedicate yourself to workout with ab rollers, do cardio, and take adequate rest to replenish your body. You will not only straighten your posture but also lose weight (if that is your goal) and feel great!

Reduces back pain

Besides strengthening the spine and improving posture, these ab rollers can mimic the role of a painkiller! Tough to understand, right? Simply put, if used correctly, ab rollers can miraculously lessen back pain. But what’s the connection of back and core? According to Harvard publishing, the weaker your core muscles are, the more weak your back is. This is because to train your abs, you need to train and condition your back muscle first. Hence, the more you work on your core, the stronger your vertebral column gets. 

A Few Things To Look For While Buying An Ab Roller

  • You  want an ab roller that’s tensile and targets all the right muscles.
  • Keep the roller’s sturdiness and durability in mind.
  • Choose a roller that has soft padded handles; it will give you a comfortable handling experience.
  • Make sure the grip of the handle is sturdy; otherwise, you may face accidents.
  • Choose ab rollers with additional foam knee pads to prevent hurting your knees.

Our Top Picks

Searching for ab roller wheels for sale? Here are a few options that you will love:

1. Ab Rollers With Knee Pads (Black)

This ab wheel is made of premium, sturdy and slip-resistant TPE and durable PVC materials to ensure safety and smooth performance. The roller is soft on carpets, flooring and doesn’t make noises at all. The ergonomically designed grips provide wrist safety and comfortability and prevent slipping even though you have sweaty palms. With the roller comes knee pads to protect your knees from abuse. 

2. Fitness Insanity 6-in-1 Ab Roller 

FI’s 6-in-1 ab is made of durable and non-slip rubber and strong stainless steel. The stainless steel ensures the roller from corrosion, ensures stability and comfort for workouts on any surfaces like carpet, tile, or wooden floors. The ab roller includes 2 push-up bars, 2 resistance bands, 1 thick foam knee mat, 1 workout guide, and 1 workout poster along with the roller itself. If you want to tone your arms, shoulders, legs, and abs, this package has everything you will need.

3. Vinsguir Ab Roller

Vinsguir ab roller is made of high-quality rubber and strong steel shafts with 3.2 inches ultra-wide ab roller. The roller ensures balance and stability and doesn’t slip. The handles are padded with EVA rubber cotton material, and the TPR wheel surface provides smooth gliding. With a maximum weight of 440 pounds, the roller is easy to assemble and use. With the ab roller, you will find a knee foam pad as well to keep your knees safe.

4. Fitness Intensity 3-in-1 Ab Roller

Fitness Intensity 3-in-1 Ab Roller

The abdominal wheel is made of durable non-slip rubber and strong stainless steel that ensures stability and comfort for your workouts. The skipping rope that comes with it is a handy tool to get your cardio done! The cord is constructed with lightweight handles for solid grip and extra comfort. You can also adjust the rope according to your desired height. You also get foamed knee pads, perfect for times when you do your ab rolls. The foam will cushion your knees while keeping them safe and scratchless.


Need help on ab roller wheels buying online? SoCal Health’s website features some of the best ab rollers that are affordable, efficient, and valuable. Stop by our online shop and look at our options if our top picks have intrigued you.

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